Hello! My name is Corelia! You drew my angel card. I have a great message for you!
You drew a special card today when drawing angel cards, which will convey a personal message to you. Through the interpretation I will accompany you as an angel – look carefully.

Your inner life, the unconscious in you and suppressed longings – all this is waiting for you.

What is occupying you in your life right now and how it can go on.

Are you thinking about a specific person? It may be that secret longings open up in you. Maybe you dream about what it would be like if you were with that person.

If you are in a relationship and there is a crisis, you may long for something different. A breath of fresh air, excitement and closeness. A man of heart who doesn’t know about your feelings for him.

It is possible that you are also thinking about a suppressed problem and that it is becoming more and more important to you. You didn’t want to deal with it because it’s a heavy feeling?

Maybe it’s an unhappy love affair, rejection from a man (he doesn’t pay you much attention anymore), or the pain of breaking up from your last relationship.

Look at the picture of your angel card. Can you connect with me, the angel Corelia, with this? The moon that conveys profundity, illuminates your inner life at night. Everything will become a little clearer now.

You may find that you can no longer hide your deepest thoughts and longings. As your day angel, I can tell you that this can also be a step towards “freedom”. You don’t have to hide anymore and you can live your feelings.

Will my wishes come true? Corelia says: Yes!

The answer: yes, your wishes can soon become reality. But obstacles stand in your way. It is likely that it is your own fears that are still blocking you at the moment.

Go deep within yourself and answer a few questions. What are you hoping for right now? Are you happy in your partnership?

It is possible that you have made an inner decision for a long time. Are you afraid of what might happen if you speak your feelings out loud? What consequences could you “threaten”? That can be a very upsetting feeling.

The honest advice of your angel Corelia to you: Take your feelings seriously, then others will take your feelings seriously too!

My advice is that you become aware of your emotions and act accordingly. Don’t rush into anything, but don’t wait any longer for an opportunity to arise either. Because the time is right now.

Do you have a wish that you would like to share with a man? It often takes a lot of effort to express our deepest longings. But if you do, you’ll soon find you can breathe easy.

Telling the other person what you think makes it easier for you to communicate. Your partner will also be happy when he realizes that you trust him so much. This will strengthen your connection.

Even a man of the heart who knows nothing about your true feelings for him could be happy about a clear word, a clear sign from you now. Even more patience and waiting won’t get you any further now.

Are you a self-employed woman who loves her independence? Then it is likely that you are a strong and courageous being. But you also long for love and security.

Do you sometimes wish for “a shoulder to lean on”? Then allow those feelings. Letting go can also show strength. You trust yourself and open yourself to love.

When will something finally happen? Now is the right time!

You no longer have to wait for the right time for you. Because you have been hiding or repressing your feelings for a very long time. Soon something will happen that will give you courage – if you pursue your deepest desires.

Are you wondering if you are “allowed” to feel this way? Are you afraid that someone will judge you for it? That is understandable. But remember that you are a loving being who, like everyone else, has desires. Be brave and take a step forward.

It can continue like this in the near future. I, your angel Corelia, accompany you!

Find out now what your possible future has in store for you. You may continue to suppress your emotions. Maybe you want to talk to that one man, but you just don’t dare? Then you may miss your chance.

If you cannot share your desires with your partner, then it can happen that your emotions “boil up” at some point. It is possible that in an argument you will overreact.

So now tell me what’s up.

You get even deeper interpretations of your destiny if you draw another card below!

Look again at the picture of the angel card. What do you see? You carry great hope within you, but you may have always hidden it and not listened to it until now.

It’s no coincidence that you drew my angel card. I want to accompany you and show you what is possible. Perhaps you only perceive your soul life in the dark because you don’t want someone to see it in “daylight”?

Fear, shame and doubt still block you. But now the time has come. You can finally show what you feel. Dare and take the leap – soon you will notice a change.