Hello, wonderful woman. I am the angel “Hermistron”.
I accompany you with my strength. I fight for you! No one is allowed to hurt you and your feelings!
In the Angel Tarot you drew me, Hermistron, as your personal angel for today. I would like to accompany you and look into your future together with you.

You are looking for strength and protection. You didn’t always have it easy in your life and in love. An exciting development awaits you. Now find out what could happen in your future.

In your love message you get deep insights into your relationship fate.
If you have a yes no question, you will get an answer.

Are you open to a really deep look into your destiny energy?
Then please read on carefully.

I, the angel Hermistron, will accompany you.

What’s really bothering you at the moment

The pain of separation, the search for the right partner, new beginnings and hope – you have certainly experienced a lot.

It may be that you are in a partnership and this is currently challenging you very much. You are looking for a fresh start and hope that everything will soon be easier for you. As your personal angel, let me help you to regain new strength to master the situation.

You may long for protection and security. If in the past you have repeatedly tried to “please” your partner, family or those around you, you may now feel drained, tired and very exhausted.

How many times have you decided against your “gut feeling”? Did you say “yes” when you actually meant to say “no”?

It hits you really hard when you are criticized because you always gave your all and wanted the best for your loved ones. Your longing is unbroken, you still hope. It almost breaks your heart.

Listen to your inner feelings. If you can’t do it anymore, then you can withdraw now. You will find that you can only be there for others if you take care of yourself first.

When you’re waiting for a sign from others (a phone call, a sign of life, a declaration of love), you probably can’t stand the tension anymore. You are nervous and stressed because you associate so much hope with it.

Please take care of yourself now or it will get worse. Take the pressure off, step back for a little while. Don’t stare at your phone or check your email for 12 hours. Let go, just for a moment, but now please.

If you’re asking yourself, “Is he right for me?”

Perhaps your partnership or potential partner is under scrutiny. Are you wondering if this is the “Right” man for you? After all that happened?

Or do you have a man of the heart who doesn’t get any of your feelings yet? Not sure if he’s interested too? Dare I, or is he just trying to be nice?

The clear answer is “yes” – if he is considerate and honest with you. This is the prerequisite for being able to overcome your current crisis. If you see these loving qualities in your partner (and in your heart man), you are in good hands and can hope that you will soon feel a little lighter again.

Put him to the test. Honestly, made up. Listen deep inside yourself. On your feminine intuition. On your heart, without ifs and buts. what does it tell you

Take a closer look at the picture of my angel card. My sword, the fire and the warmth. Everything stands for your passion and your strength, your energy, which you carry within you.
It may be that you have always given a lot of love and are now waiting for someone who is just as powerful and devoted as you are. The fight is worth it for you – but be considerate of yourself. And listen to your intuition!

The loving advice from me, the angel Hermistron, to you.

As your personal guide, I advise you to reconsider your situation. You should now only surround yourself with people who take care of you. Be patient and be respectful of your own feelings. This is the only way you will find new courage and new strength to be with yourself again.

If you feel alone and long for a loving partnership, you should protect yourself from “dangers”. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t open up to other people. Yes, go out and meet up. Make contacts!

But now is not the time for long-term commitments and closing contracts. It may be that you get involved with someone too quickly because you long for protection, love and new courage to face life.

The important thing now is that you put yourself first. Take care of your own well-being and try to give yourself the love you carry within you.

a male person in your environment is now more important.

Keep your eyes open. A male person who you have known for a long time can become important to you in the time that follows. It is a slightly older man with a powerful demeanor. He is friendly with you. Not a close friend, but he means well by you.

Contact him if you have any questions. He’s ready to help you.

When will your situation finally change?

What you need now is new strength. Then your current life situation will develop positively. No one can tell you if everything will turn out as you hope. But if you turn into yourself and use all your energy to finally find inner peace, it will be worth it for you.

Take a closer look at the picture of my angel card. What do you see? Are you waiting for a “little miracle”? Your situation will only change if you finally withdraw a little.

Ask your partner to respect your feelings. Or maybe you just can’t take it anymore and are about to separate. Your situation will only change if you proceed carefully and answer the question of what you really need now.

your possible future

Find out now how your possible future could develop for you.

You will fall back into old, painful behaviors if you suppress your emotions and feelings. As your personal angel, let me tell you that you are powerful and strong enough to protect yourself.

stand up for yourself Say “no” when you’re feeling exhausted. You will soon see that you will feel better then. Look at your angel card again. I, the angel Hermistron, stand by you with all my strength.

If you don’t acknowledge your feelings, those around you may “take advantage” of you. This will make you feel even more exhausted. Be careful now and act wisely.

Maybe it’s time you break new ground. Are you looking for new passion? protection and help?

Look at the picture. It will show you that you have great potential within you. Love, hope, security and new emotions that only belong to you.

You can share them with your loved ones if you want. But always remember: you are now the number one priority. Remember it! The fight will be worth it for you.

One last piece of advice for you.

Take a deeper look into your fateful questions. Draw another card.
The answers fit into the picture of your future like a puzzle piece. Learn more deep secrets now.