Hello you wonderful being. I am Rastasia. you drew my card A loving message awaits you.
You have drawn an angel card, which will give you an intensive insight into your future. I am the angel Rastasia. As your angel, I want to show you what dangers and surprises await you.

Jealousy, temptation and distrust play a role in your life. Find out now if your problems will be solved.

If you have a yes no question, you’ll get an amazing answer here.

What’s bothering you right now: You’re feeling a little insecure about what other people’s feelings mean to you.

You’ve actually always been happy, but now you have a bad feeling in your relationship?

Perhaps the man with whom you are currently in close contact is also on your mind. You’re probably surprised at your own feelings because you quickly become suspicious and can’t fully trust him?

Your feelings are probably related to the sometimes bad experiences in your past.

You want to protect yourself from evil and seduction. Because of this, you might also act colder so you can’t get hurt. If you look at the picture of my angel card, you can find parallels to your current situation.

Look inside yourself. There is so much love in you. But you fear getting hurt again. That’s why you remain a bit reserved and reserved.

If there is jealousy in your partnership, it may come from you or his side. Is it about another man or a strange woman?

You may be longing for someone else’s skin and wondering if you can give in to temptation. You finally hope for unconditional security.

Will things be resolved soon? What about your wishes?

The answer is: yes, an enlightenment is near. But there’s no guarantee that you’ll be happy with the way things are going. Now ask yourself what exactly is behind this feeling. Do you have good reasons to distrust him? Which are they?

If you want to commit to a man but just can’t, maybe your fear is blocking you. It is now important that you go within yourself to release the blockage.

If you realize that you have often been suspicious in the past, this could be the turning point.

Your angel Rastasia’s honest advice to you: be careful and consult your heart!

Stay away from danger when you see it. But don’t confuse genuine affection with fake sympathy. Not every man will fool you.

You tend now to want to “get over it” and finally be with someone forever. Please don’t rush anything now. Otherwise your dream castle could very soon turn out to be the antechamber to relationship madness.

So far you may have acted cold and unapproachable because you want to protect yourself. It’s important to listen to your gut feeling. If you feel a deep connection to this man, you will soon realize whether you have a future.

If jealousy comes up in your relationship, be honest with yourself and your partner – assuming you want to continue that relationship. A discussion helps. As your angel, I advise against following your every step and questioning everything.

A sincere but empathetic confrontation will get you further. Snooping around, secretly checking his sms on his cell phone, etc.; you risk a lot with that. Leave it!

Do you feel the temptation and just want to indulge yourself? Discover your “mysterious” side, sometimes feel the “evil”? It may be that you long for something that doesn’t quite reconcile it with your own values.

Remember that there is nothing wrong with feeling this way. Your desires are real. As long as you know what you are doing and are consciously reflecting on it and being with yourself, you should follow your heart.

When will the chance arise for you?

Soon you will experience an adventure, receive exciting news and be able to live out new feelings. It also depends on the decisions you will make in the near future.

If you have a yes no question then the answer is yes, but stay careful and always connect with your intuition.

What will happen in the near future?

You won’t be able to control everything. Sometimes things go very differently than we plan. If you continue to act out your cold and aloof side, you may miss an opportunity.

Please do not get me wrong. Healthy distrust, caution, all of this is important, absolutely! But it would be important if you followed your female instinct at the same time. your “gut feeling”. That is where the wisdom resides within you.

If your suspicions or jealousy are justified, it’s time you took action. Follow your intuition, let go of what doesn’t feel good.

Leave the rest to “fate”. You will notice that you become calmer inside when you can let go and trust in it.

For more questions about the relationship, please draw another angel card below.

You may meet people who could enrich you. Give them a chance – despite your mistrust. But always listen to your gut feeling at the same time.

It is possible that you are going through a crisis with your own identity. You wonder if you are “good enough”. Maybe you should change something about yourself so that you are loved.
Your angel card is a sign that you still must not lose heart. You are an independent, strong woman who sometimes likes to be dark and mysterious. There’s nothing wrong with that.

Maybe you just want to protect something that lives deep inside you. A longing, a secret, a wish. That’s totally fine!

Now draw another angel card!

You will get answers to your questions that may surprise you. Pay attention to messages from those around you, and also be mindful of yourself. Sometimes problems resolve themselves in ways we never expected.

Draw another card.