I am your angel My name is Rosavida! Like me, you have wings to fly over deep obstacles. I’ll accompany you!
Today you drew a special tarot card: I am your personal angel for today and I will accompany you through the interpretation of your possible future. My name is Rosavida!

The message for you is: changes are coming, but you can’t jump over your shadow just yet. But from now on you should finally dare.

A significant change will occur in your relationship life. Please read on and learn more about it.

If you came with a yes no question, you can find out here what advice we angels give you.

What is occupying you in your life right now: It has to do with your past.

You find yourself in a situation that may seem hopeless to you. Are you wondering if you are ready for true love? It’s likely that you’ve been really, really disappointed in the past. A broken partnership, an unfulfilled love and the fear of failure – you certainly know all of this.

You may be afraid to take the next step. There’s nothing wrong with being careful. If you take a closer look at the picture of your angel card, you will surely see why this is so.

An abyss opens up and you just don’t know what could happen on the “path to the goal”. As your angel, let me be your personal companion. I’m Rosavida and I’ll show you how to find new courage. Remember that you don’t have to walk the uncertain path alone.

Even if you can’t imagine how well things can go on. You are under my protection.

Will you be lucky in love this time?

You are probably wondering whether you should invest your energy and valuable time in a man. Because of your past experiences, you may have built a protective shield around yourself.

Could it be that you want to fall in love, but your fear is way too big? Your heart longs for security. But your mind tells you: Attention, caution. Still you want to give yourself away. Give everything and feel true love.

If you are already in a committed relationship, this card means you are afraid of the next step. You may be wondering if you should take the next step.

You’re probably hesitating between a yes and a no. Should I or should not I. And the important question: what will he do? Will he come closer, also help to make it beautiful? Or will he continue not showing his feelings the way you want him to?

You wonder if you will be lucky in love this time. The answer is yes, it will work. But it may take all of your courage to take a step forward.

Even if you came with a different question (finance, job, health, family): The card’s answer is: Yes!

You may be faced with a decision. Remember that you are responsible for this yourself and are brave enough to make a decision. Dare!

The fear will perhaps accompany you for a while, but not for long and you will be able to breathe again. If you feel blocked, now might be the right time to finally make a change in your life. This time you could be lucky in love if you are open about your feelings.

My loving advice to you: Rosavida tells you: Do it! Yes!

You may be wondering when he will confess his love to you or if he will ever come into your life at all. You are longingly waiting for your potential partner or your current dream man to hear your wishes and fulfill your deepest desires.

The answer to your question: Courage is now also required of you. He may soon take a step towards you. But you should not be afraid of your feelings, dare and express them. tell him how you feel Tell him what you expect from him.

It is important that you do not put yourself under pressure. Make sure you’re comfortable doing this and don’t “bend over”. Your dream man will love you the way you are if he suits you.

You are a wonderful woman. You are totally fine just the way you are. You are adorable every second!

Take a closer look at the map above. I am Rosavida. As your personal angel, I stand by your side and can help you find enough courage to walk the path that lies ahead of you.

You have already been able to prove in the past that you are a loving, open being and that you trust yourself. If you can muster up that courage again and shed your fear, you will quickly see that a wonderful future awaits you

In this part you will learn about your probable future if you do not change the situation now. You have many unanswered questions and I would like to help you as your personal angel to clarify them for yourself.

If you take a closer look at your angel card, you can energetically connect with it even more. What do you see? Are you dreaming of a promising tomorrow? Connect with my angel power. I, Rosavida, accompany you on strong wings.

A new phase of life, new and intense feelings? If you dream about it but keep pushing your thoughts aside, it may soon be too late for you.

Say what’s on your mind. Let the other person know that you might not want to take the next step alone. If you don’t listen to your heart and gut instinct, you may miss the opportunity.

Be brave – as your angel I can tell you that now is the right time to get married. Take a leap, walk the uncertain path that lies ahead. Now all your courage is required.


As soon as you feel ready, you will quickly realize how brave and powerful you actually are. You have earned happiness, so you should accept it – even if you are afraid of the unknown.

One more important thing to conclude your personal prognosis.

In the near future a female influence on you will become stronger. It may be that a woman around you becomes more important to you. She is a strong personality and has what it takes to support you. Keep your eyes open.

Please draw another card now. In the next card the interpretation becomes even deeper. Each forecast is like a piece of the puzzle and shows you even more clearly what can come.
With love, your angel Rosavida!